Grant Projects

This part of the web site is dedicated to my research. Below you can find information about grant projects in which I am involved.

  • Member of project EXAMPLE (Exact and Adaptive Modeling and Simulation of the Air Passage of Aircraft Engines)
    Type: Post-doctoral Fellowship (MARIE CURIE Fellowship)
    Position: Research Assistant
    Period: 10. 2015 - 09. 2016
  • Member of project Inovation of Descriptive Geometry I and III (Inovace předmětů Deskriptivní geometrie I a III)
    Type: Standard educational project
    Provider: Fond rozvoje vysokých škol
    Period: 2013
    Contract number: 358B5 (302-11/202698)
  • Member of project PRVOUK P47 - Mathematics (PRVOUK P47 - Matematika)
    Type: University project
    Provider: Charles University in Prague
    Period: 2011 - 2015
    Contract number: 300-04/130
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