RNDr. Petra Surynková, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Charles University in Prague
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Department of Mathematics Education
Sokolovská 83
186 75 Praha 8, Czech Republic

Office number: K 427 (fourth floor)
Tel: +420 221 913 235
Office hours:  at MFF UK


to my academic website. I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics Education at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (Charles University in Prague) and also an external member at the Department of Loadbearing Structures at the Faculty of Architecture (Czech Technical University in Prague). Information about my professional activities can be found at this web.

My two primary activities are doing research in the area of classical and applied geometry and didactics of mathematics and teaching. A part of this web dedicated to teaching is in Czech, it is intended for my students.

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