My two primary activities are doing research in the area of classical and applied geometry and didactics of mathematics and teaching. A part of this web is dedicated to various field of geometry - descriptive, computational and kinematic geometry. Here you can find many illustrations and examples which show the great importance of geometry.

My aim is to increase the interest of students in studying classical geometry at secondary schools and colleges. One possible approach of improvement in studying geometry is the integration of computer software in the teaching process. This way seems to be interesting, attractive and motivational for students. Indeed the usage of computers in education is very current. Computers influence our everyday life including geometry. We have to follow the general trend.

In my lessons I use computer software for visualization, for the proving of geometric problems in the plane and in the space, for the demonstration of the application of geometry in practice, for the creations of study materials for home schooling and e-learning or for the transformation geometric problems into mathematical form. I work mainly with Rhinoceros - NURBS modeling for Windows (Rhino), Cabri II Plus, Cabri 3D, MATLAB, Maple and with GeoGebra.

In the section 3D Modeling you can see the usage of computer modeling software (Rhinoceros), next section Kinematic geometry with GeoGebra is devoted to usage of dynamic software. My students also create some examples and tasks themselves, their outputs you can find in the section Student's work. Section New topics is dedicated to interesting topics in geometry. There are new study materials, examples from lessons and much more. These study materials are supported from FRVŠ project number 358B5 (302-11/202698). A part of this web is in Czech because is intended for my students.

3D Modeling

Kinematic geometry with GeoGebra

Student's work

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